TronixPro Xenon Match 13'8" 3-6oz

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A light beachcaster designed to cast 3 to 6oz for the match and freelance angler who is targeting estuaries, harbours and clean, sandy surf beaches. Being so light, it?s a fantastic rod for targeting bass, whiting, flatfish, bream and garfish, it would be the go-to rod for fishing in the summer, when calmer waters require lighter lines and techniques. The tip is sensitive to aid bite detection, perfect for when scratch fishing or targeting smaller species. The blank action itself was designed to allow easy loading so it can be fished effectively by anglers of all abilities. A fast, progressive 24 Ton blank which has a powerful mid and butt section gives the rod plenty of reserve when fighting bigger species or punching leads into a head wind. Featuring Fuji K Guides and a comfortable Tronixpro Coaster Reel Seat, this is a sweet and crisp all round light beach fishing rod. - 13? 8? in length, casting 3-6oz - Designed for multiplier and fixed spool reels - Fuji K Guides and a Tronixpro Coaster Reel Seat - Two-piece equal section rod - Comes with rod bag Length: 13'8" / 4.17m Sections: 2 Casting Weight: 3-6oz / 85-170g