TronixPro Axia Bite Fluorocarbon

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Axia Fluorocarbon is a 100% fluorocarbon line, it refracts light similar to water, meaning it remains clear and invisible when immersed. The unique hardness of fluorocarbon line makes it ultra-abrasion resistant and tough, ideal when fishing for hard-hitting species and when fishing around snags. The high knot strength gives the confidence to use it in most angling conditions, it is ideal for snoods, light rig bodies and longer flowing traces. This is the line to use when targeting shy biting fish in clear water and when you need the extra security afforded by fluorocarbon line.


Incredible knot strength
100% Fluorocarbon
Invisible underwater
Ultra abrasion resistant
Ideal for fishing in and around snags
Works well using snoods, light rig bodies & flowing traces
Perfect for shy fish in uber clear waters

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