Middy Hair Carp Barbless HTN

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Hair Carp

Available in sizes 10, 12, 14, 16 & 18.
Each sold separately.

Hooks to Nylon

Power Match Finesse with Hait System

When fishing for carp there has always been the problem of the carp feeling the hook and immediately rejecting the bait. This is why specimen anglers nearly always usea Hair Rig. This allows the bait to be mounted in advance of the hook. Therefore the carp does not feel the hook when it initially mouths the bait. The same principle is applied to these match carp rigs but with lower dia lines and smaller hooks, making these ideal for match carp lakes and fish in the 2lb - 10lb range. the bait is sucked up by the carp with the hook following which means you get more bites and catch more fish

Technical Specification
83-13 High carbon hook tied to Lo-Viz Fluo-Crystal match line. Hook length 12in 30cm approx with loop and hair hair length 34in 20mm approx