Korda Chod Rig - Long

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Korda Ready Tied Rigs
Chod Rig


Available in a variety of options, each sold separately.

Korda Chod rigs are precision tied using the proven MouthTrap and Choddy components. Featuring a unique whipping knot that allows the hooklink to exit the hook eye at the optimum angle and perfectly curved to create one of the most effective presentations in modern carp fishing.

Always ensure the beads are wet when assembling the rig. The beads must be able to pull away with very little pressure to guarantee carp safety.

Use with buoyant pop ups that will hold the rig up for the length of the session and attach either to a Kable leadcore leader or fish it simply on the line.

MouthTrap stiff mono
Optimum curve
Unique whipping
Precision tied