Gardner Trick-Link Line

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Stiff rigs and combi rigs that incorporate some semi stiff monofilament have an awesome track record for catching big carp all over the world.

This is because incorporating the correct rigidity in the hooklink stops the hook bait landing in a crumpled heap on the lead. It also helps improve the anti ejection properties of the hooking arrangement and avoid tangles. The materials we've used historically have varied enormously - from memory free leaders through to heavy breaking strain Fluorocarbon - but up until now they have all been a compromise between subtlety and the right balance of rigidity.

With the introduction of Trick-Link we think we have developed the perfect boom and stiff link material. This superb colour, low memory monofilament hooklink material has been developed to balance rigidity with that little bit of flexibility that allows the rig to settle just right. We all know that the best presentation will give the best chance of a bite...

Why is it so good?

Firstly, there's the lovely camouflaged Choddy grey/green colour that blends in seamlessly with the bottom of a wide range of aquatic environments - including gravel clay and sand pits, lakes, canals and rivers. Secondly it has superb knot strength and its ties up neatly and steams well. All little tweaks that help your finished rig perform to its best possible potential...

For forming loops we recommended using either Figure of 8 loop knots or the improved Non-Slip loop knot to form the nicest, neatest round loop and for maximum strength with Gardner Trick-Link.

*Incorporating looped attachment at the swivel end ensures the hook can twist and take hold more effectively with any stiff hooklink presentation.

Trick Link is available in 2 diameters / breaking strains:

0.45mm = 20lb+
0.50mm = 25lb+

All options sold separately.