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Gardner Covert - Pop Up Hook Aligner

Gardner Covert - Pop Up Hook Aligner

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ardner Covert
Pop-Up Hook Aligner

The brand new Covert Pop up Hook Aligners have been developed as an extremely easy was of creating ultra effective D style rigs by combining a preformed D with one of our superb Hook Aligners.

The result of combining the two key elements of mounting hookbaits in this manner and the very aggressive turning action that the Hook Aligner kicker creates means rigs using these components will be react faster and hook more carp.

The unique Pop Up Hook Aligners can be used with almost any hooklink material as well. This means that you can now use D rigs with either coated or uncoated braids or even light monofilaments.

So whats so good about mounting hook baits in this way.
The combination of mounting the hookbait a couple of mm off the back of the hook shank on a free moving hinge, along with an in turned eye means when the hook bait is inhaled or mouthed by a browsing fish the combination of the weight of the hook and the angle created by the hook aligner will work together so the hook to naturally turns down into the fishes bottom lip or scissors where it will take the firmest possible hold.

These hook aligners also ensure that the hook twists effectively which ever direction the fish approaches the hookbait.

They are quick and easy to use, no need to steam, shrink or shape before use! Just follow these simple steps
- Mount a Large Covert Rig Ring on the preformed D and thread the Hook Aligner onto the hooklink using a baiting needle.
- We find it is easiest with a braided hair needle as it doesn't catch pulling through the rubber compound used in their manufacture.
- Position the Pop Up Hook Aligner by pushing the hook aligner up over the hook eye.
- To ensure that rigs incorporating the hook aligners work to their full potential always make sure that the curve of the Hook Aligner faces inwards lining up with the hook point.

Covert Pop Up Hook Aligner can also be used to mount balanced hookbaits and bottom baits, they're not just for pop up

Large Pop Up hooks Hook Aligners are best suited for use with size 2 to 6 hooks
Small Hook Aligners are designed to work with hook sizes 8 to 12 hooks.

Available in a variety of colours and sizes, each sold separately.

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