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Carptronix Tulip Beads

Carptronix Tulip Beads

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Carptronix Tulip Beads

Available in either Brown or Green, each option sold separately.

Key Features

- A good bead to use for running rigs and helicopter and chod rigs.
- Pronounced tip allows for either the lead (running rig) or hook link (helicopter) to sit on top of it.
- Provides cushioning when playing a fish, especially when fishing naked.
- Can be used as a buffer bead for marker floats.
- 10pc per pack.

A good bead to use for running rigs and helicopter and chod rigs. The Tulip Bead has a recess with which a swivel can be pushed in, to lock it in place. For running rigs this allows the angler to run the bead up the leader and attach the leader and hook link to a swivel, sliding the Tulip Bead down and over the swivel to create a shock bead, with the lead sitting on the pronounced tip of the Tulip Bead. For helicopter and chod rigs, this can be reversed, with the lead attached to the other end of the leader, pushing the Tulip Bead over the lead link or swivel, the pronounced tip then houses a chod or helicopter hook link, that when using a big-eyed swivel, will fit over this tip. Providing some cushioning when playing a fish. Can also be used as a buffer bead for marker floats.

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