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Carptronix Dumbell Stops

Carptronix Dumbell Stops

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Carptronix Dumbell Stops

Available in either Clear, Brown or Yellow.
Each colour sold separately.

Key Features

- Three sizes of bait stop which are placed in between the bait and the loop in a hair rig.
- Each boilie stop card contains a series of moulded stops, these can be cut out singularly or doubled up for larger baits.
- A boilie strip for all types of baits, large and small.
- 3 spur per pack.

Three sizes of bait stop which are designed to be placed in between the bait and the loop in a hair rig. These will keep baits on the hair and are fantastic for boilies, corn, meat and other hair rigged baits. Each boilie card contains a series of stops moulded into a card, they can be cut out which means that they can be doubled up for bigger baits. Dumbell stops have a different, dumbell shape which is often preferred for boilie anglers to offer a more secure hold on the hair. For the ultimate in security, the Extender Stops will pull inside the bait for extra security against nuisance fish and crayfish. They also allow the hair to be extended without retying rigs.

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