Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon

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Trilene 100 fluorocarbon

200yds - Clear

A reputation for trustworthiness. That's how trilene stands the test of time. No other line has such positive name recognition. No other line has devoted so many resources to evolve the way you fish. Today, new trilene 100 fluorocarbon represents the pinnacle of fishing line research and development. Amature or pro, you can trust the name recognized the world over. Super strong trilene

- Super strong - professional grade.
- Minimal light refraction for invisibility.
- Ultimate invisibility - the invisible fluorocarbon. Similar refractive index as - water so fish can't see it.
- Ultimate impact strngth - proprietary 100 pvdf formula specially processed for the ultimate in impact strength.
- Higher strength per diameter - the ultimate flurocarbon diameter-for-diameter.
- Excellent manageability - lower memory for superior casting.
- Ideal for finesse fishing or power fishing when invisibility, low memory, and impact strength is key.

Available in
2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 17 & 20lb.


2 lb (0.9kg) - 0.15mm
4 lb (1.8kg) - 0.18mm
6 lb (2.7kg) - 0.25mm
8 lb (3.6kg) - 0.28mm
10 lb (4.5kg) - 0.30mm
12 lb (5.4kg) - 0.33mm
15 lb (6.8kg) - 0.38mm
17 lb (7.7kg) - 0.41mm
20 lb (9.1kg) - 0.43mm