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TronixPro Axia Fishing Mono

TronixPro Axia Fishing Mono

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Breaking Strain

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Tronix Axia Mainline

Available in either Clear, Orange or Yellow in either of the following options:
35lb 340m 372yd
30lb 490m 536yd
25lb 610m 667yd
20lb 770m 842yd
18lb 960m 1050yd
15lb 1005m 1099yd
12lb 1157m 1265yd
All options are sold separately.

Key Features

- A well-priced mainline that is ideal for anglers who spool up several reels and for regular line changes.
- Strong and dependable, it is abrasion resistant making it ideal for beach and rough ground fishing.
- High knot strength, giving the angler reassurance when fishing for big fish and casting long distances.
- Low stretch to improve bite detection and a low friction coating to increase casting distances.

A strong, well priced mainline monofilament that has been developed to share many of the characteristics of more expensive line at a sensible price. The ideal line for filling up multiple reels in a cost effective manner. A great line for anglers who are constantly spooling up reels and need a good, strong, dependable line that doesn’t cost the earth. Axia Monofilament is a tough, abrasion resistant line that is good for both beach fishing and rock and rough ground fishing. It has a high knot strength so anglers can be assured the line won’t let them down at the crucial moment. Developed to be a low memory line, it sails off a reel spool with ease, coupled with its low stretch, this makes it an excellent casting line. The low stretch also helps to promote bite indication, especially when fishing at ultra-long distances. The low friction coating adds to its casting pedigree, helping the line slip through the rod rings with minimal effort.

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