Mustad BBS Curve Shank Elite

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Mustad BBS Curve Shank Elite Tying your own D-rig can be a difficult task, especially for the new angler. Mustad have made this easy. The world-first BBS hook features a solid laser welded built in D and rig ring, ready for rigging your boilie. Simply attach an elastic band to the small ring. Next, thread on a boilie with the aid of a baiting needle and モgrabヤ the elastic loop. The elastic band should be same size as bait/boilie. Pull the elastic through the boilie and place a boilie stop on the other side. Remove the bait needle and you are ready to catch! With this hook range, Mustad also introduced the new age UltraPoint 4.8 technology. Simply the sharpest hook point ever! The BBS hooks are coated with Mustadメs new matt grey TitanX giving an exceptional strong and non-reflective finish. The BBS carp hook range is the final link to the carp of a lifetime. - 4.8 UltraPoint technology - Opti-Angle needle point - Ringed eye - Laser welded D-ring - Nor-Tempered - Chemically sharpened - Matt grey TitanX finish Please note All Options are sold separately.