Korda Mouth Trap

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Mouth Trap

Chod Filament

Korda Mouth Trap is a revolutionary new material that enables anybody to tie perfectly curved stiff rigs quickly and easily. the incredibly low memory makes tying even short rigs simple and the slightest kinks or creases are easily smoothed out without requiring steam.

For tying perfect chod, stiff hinged and combi rigs.

- Unobtusive carpy green tint.
- Curves perfectly.
- Guaranteed knot strength.
- Super stiff and easy to tie.
- For connection to swivel use a 2-3 turn blood knot.


15lb (6.8kg) - 0.43mm - 20m
20lb (9.1kg) - 0.47mm - 20m
25lb (11.3kg) - 0.53mm - 20m