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Gardner Wrappers

Gardner Wrappers

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These smooth sided, clutter free, aluminium sticks are ideal for ‘wrapping’ your mainline around when you clip up onto the line clip on your reel spool, to accurately fish at a predetermined range.

Why, when and how?

No matter where you fish, consistently casting and baiting up accurately will catch you more carp (or any other bottom feeding species!).

Use these sticks to wrap your line around when replicating exact ranges across all of your fishing rods; including your marker and spod rods. The smooth sides of these Wrappers will ensure the line doesn’t catch or snare as you wind the line back onto the reel after clipping up.

1). Lay your marker or spod* rod on the ground and use it to accurately space the ‘Wrappers’ out at a set distance apart. As most marker/spod rods are 12ft, which equates to 4 yards, so work out distances in ‘wraps’ using multiples of 4 yards; so 10 wraps is 40 yards, 25 wraps is 100 yards, etc.
Hint: Lean the ‘Wrappers’ out at a slight angle to help stop tangles when reeling in off the sticks

2). Locate the area you want to fish with a bare lead, preferably on a braided mainline (braided main lines offers better feed back as the lead hits the lake bed, or taps on gravel as it’s pulled back, or glides across sand or silt).

3). ‘Clip up’ using the line clip on the reel at the exact range so that the lead lands exactly where you want it to when you recast and then reel in. Then you simply wrap it around the pre-spaced sticks in a ‘figure of 8’ pattern until the line hits the clip on the reel.

4). Mark on the ground the position of the tip ring with the line still in the clip and then reel in the line off of the Wrappers. You now know the exact range that the lead was from the rod tip. You can also note distances down for specific spots using far bank sight markers in a notebook for future reference. This is a massive edge when you arrive at a fishery and find fish showing in an area you have mapped before as you can get hookbaits out with minimal disturbance.

5). Now grab one of your fishing rods and using the same method, wrap the line around the sticks until you have exactly the same amount of line out and then clip up on the reel spool.

6). Your leading/marker rod and fishing rod will now have a fixed amount of line from the tip to the lead.

7). Use the same method for your spod rod – consider shortening the clip by approximately 1ft for every 3ft of depth to allow for the swing of the lead on a tight line. This varies on your casting style and if you allow the lead to drop vertically after it has hit the water.

  • Wrappers are supplied as a matching pair.
  • Length: approx. 46cm (18 inch).
  • Wrappers weight: 162 gram (pair).
  • Feature a 3/8 BSF thread so can be used with buzzers, rod rest heads, etc.

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