Introducing 'Team Anglers Corner'

Introducing 'Team Anglers Corner'

Welcome to Team Anglers Corner, the exciting new webpage for fishing stories, catch reports, advice and tackle reviews.

Team Anglers Corner has been put together to bring you fishing stories from around the world as well as looking at new and innovate fishing tackle from today’s top manufactures. We want to share angling tales from fishermen, whether you are trying to conquer your local venue or traveling to exotic destinations to catch that dream fish. We hope to provide useful information from what tackle and bait to use at certain times of the year, tips on tackle set ups for the various fishing disciplines; carp, sea and game fishing and more.

Join us as we explain that fishing in different countries may not be as hard as you think, and how traveling with fishing tackle can be made easy and safe. We want to show you around and invite you to join us as we attend and review our local venues near to our home town of Llanelli on the South Wales coast line. Sharing catch reports will also be a big part of the content, and we encourage you to help us by sending photos of fish that you’ve manage to net.

We have access to all the latest fishing tackle in our store, so we will be able to show you items that are new and that we think will give you a definite edge to land that specimen fish.

Carp fishing will feature a lot on our webpage, as everyone loves catching big fish on light tackle, like many other fishermen we consider fish safety to be paramount, this is why we want to demonstrate how to land, hold and weigh the fish safely so it returns to the water healthy to fight another day.

As you can probably tell we want to try and feature pretty much everything, but if there is something particular you would like to ask, we will be more than happy to try and answer your questions as best we can.

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Sea, Coarse, Game, it doesn't really matter so long as its fishing.

It’s all about the fishing.

We already have a team of anglers willing to share their stories and to give advice, all of which have a real passion for angling. Our authors come from various backgrounds and have been fishing for many years, although we think we can cover most of the different aspects of fishing, if you think you can add something to our team and would love to share your angling knowledge and experiences then please do get in touch. Sea, Coarse, Game, it doesn’t really matter so long as its fishing. It is the thing we all love reading about and the one thing that we will never stop learning.

Tight Lines.

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