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Korda Kaizen Green Carp Rod

Korda Kaizen Green Carp Rod

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Following on from the hugely successful launch of the first rods under the Kaizen banner, Korda have followed that up with a more affordable, yet still high performance, range called Kaizen Green.

The Kaizen Green sits below the flagship Kaizen Platinum rods, but still shares many of the same attributes and design features which set those rods apart, but at a much more affordable price.

Their first foray into the rod market was a huge success, but they also realised that not all anglers can afford a set of Platinum’s, or possibly they don’t need that level of performance and aren’t fishing often enough to justify the price tag, so they got to work on a model that will still do everything that you require it to, apart from maybe in the most extreme situations, and which is priced at a level which makes the Kaizen Green available to anybody.

The actions of the various models in the Kaizen Green range are almost identical to those of the corresponding Platinum models, with the main difference being that they are built using a more affordable grade of carbon. The main difference performance-wise is that they won’t transfer power into the cast to quite the same degree; won’t recover quite so quickly after the cast; and are slightly more susceptible to the blank twisting during casting, which will marginally reduce accuracy. But for many anglers, and unless pushing the rods to the extreme, you won’t even notice the difference.

The full range of Kaizen Green rods –which includes eight different models of fishing rods plus two spod rods –has been extensively tested on a wide variety of different venues and in different angling situations, both at home and abroad, and from the bank as well as fishing with boats, and has involved many of the Team Korda anglers using the rods and providing feedback on them, in order to get them just right.

The fact that these anglers have been more than happy to use them for much of their own fishing, despite having access to the more expensive Platinum models, also says a lot about just how good the Kaizen Green range is.

For the Kaizen Green, Korda used a similar fast-tapered profile mandrel to that which the Platinum range is made on. This gives a taper that consistently goes all the way from butt to tip, and produces a very ‘tippy’ action, with most of the flex being at that end of the rod until it comes under more extreme loading, such as when casting.

This action improves power transfer during casting and will enable you to cast further when you utilise the very fast tip speeds which this helps to create. It also allows for faster line pick up, which can be a big advantage, but also has enough give in the tip that the rod will absorb the lunges of a fish at close quarters without fear of pulling the hook due to the rod being too unforgiving – even in the hands of a relative novice carp angler, the Kaizen Green rods will still be a pleasure to play fish on, whatever type of water you are fishing.

Due to popular demand from anglers fishing on big European lakes where rigs are dropped, and fish are played, from a boat; as well as in the UK where people are fishing on waters where there is no need to cast any distance; or even for younger anglers who struggle with a 12ft or 13ft rod, Korda have introduced their first ever 10ft rods, with three different test curves to choose from, and which will cover any situation you can think of where a shorter rod is advantageous.

To complement the fishing rods, Korda have also designed Kaizen Green spod rods in a choice of 12ft or 13ft, both of which are capable of hurling even the largest Spombs and spods - weighing up to 8oz - a very long way, and certainly as far as you can cast a baited rig with the fishing rods.

Whilst the main reason for buying a rod should be its performance, as carp anglers we also spend a lot of time looking at our rods motionless on the rests, and so it is important that they look good cosmetically, as long as that ideally also enhances performance, and certainly doesn’t detract from it.

All of the 12ft and 13ft models feature 50mm butt rings and a 16mm tip ring, whilst the 10ft model has a 40mm butt ring and 12mm tip guide. The guides chosen are the Sea-Guide TDG twin leg/foot stainless steel ones, which are lightweight whilst also being very strong and durable. These features a special ADAMAN coating which is ten times tougher than stainless steel and which ensures smoother line passage across it, as well as improved abrasion resistance.

Cosmetically, the Kaizen Green range has a custom built, minimalist look, with a low glare, matt finish to the blank, black whippings and just a subtle green logo.

The handle is covered in black Japanese shrink wrap and with a flared end to it, which offers better grip during casting and allows you to confidently pull the rod through with maximum force without fear of your hands slipping. That is finished with an injection moulded butt clap featuring a green Korda logo. Your reel is attached via a top quality Sea-Guide DPS style reel seat.

Danny Fairbrass is very proud of what has been achieved with the Kaizen Green rod range, enthusing: “We knew that not everyone could afford to spend £1,300+ on a set of rods, so we wanted to make something more affordable but which still had almost identical performance. You could pick a Kaizen Green up and think it was a 300 or 400 quid rod, they’re that good.

“The main difference you’ll find between the Green and the Kaizen Platinum is the modulus of carbon that is used –the Green has a lower modulus carbon so you need more of it to create the same strength. This makes the blank slightly heavier and ever so slightly slower in terms of the recovery after casting, but the action of them is almost identical.

“These rods make long range fishing, and very accurate fishing, more available to more people, because it’s at such an affordable price.

“I like rods to be as minimal as possible so they look custom built, and there aren’t any garish bits of colour or stainless all over them, they are really toned down. They’re the same rings as on the Platinum, but a three legged version, which is more durable and forgiving.

“We’ve done 10-footers for the first time and I’ve been using those quite a bit, for dropping rigs from a boat on some really big lakes out in Europe. I really like them, having not used 10-footers before, as they have a shorter handle and are really good for manoeuvring around on the boat, and you can get the fish closer to the boat as they’re shorter, and they’re nicer for dropping a lead over the side.

“The 12-footers are probably going to be the most popular and I’ve used the 12ft 3.5lb and 12ft 4lb in testing and have caught loads of nice fish on them. They’ve got a great battle curve, a really fast recovery, they cast brilliantly, and they’re still very light in your hands. The taper means that you’ve still got that forgiving tip but the power is there to cast a long way.

“With the whole of the Kaizen Green range, we’ve tried to bring you the highest performance products at the most affordable prices, that pretty much anyone who goes carp fishing, can afford to have a set of rods plus a spod rod. I’m extremely proud of what we have achieved, and think that they’ve taken rods in that price range ahead by years, and you’re going to be absolutely blown away.”


10ft 3lb

This is the perfect rod for those fishing smaller waters and where a longer rod isn’t needed and offers no advantages over a 10-footer. This model has a really nice playing action and is also perfect for stalking, whilst still being able to cast a reasonable distance when you need to and feels responsive when using lighter leads. It is also a perfect option for those new to carp fishing, or for younger anglers who find a 12ft rod cumbersome to use.

10ft 3.5lb

Offers a bit more power than the 3lb version and makes it perfect for use both at home on smaller waters, particularly on snaggier or weedy venues, or abroad when fishing using a boat to place your rigs and fight fish from. Carl Smith: “I chose this model as a work horse rod to take anywhere and is tough enough to tolerate the abuse my tackle receives –being taken on aeroplanes and laid in the bottom of boats.

“I can’t be worried about a reel seat locking up, or ceramics popping out –my tackle needs to be bulletproof, and although they’re carp rods I also use them for sea fishing, chucking big lures around, and deadbaiting for pike too.

“The shorter length and lightweight blank makes this rod ideal for stalking and getting into swims that others can’t. Not to mention that also makes them much easier to deal with when boat fishing –when a hooked fish comes up close to the boat, or for lowering rigs more accurately onto a spot.”

10ft 4lb

This is primarily aimed at anglers fishing for big fish on waters where a boat is being used, and offers all the power that you need, along with the advantages that a shorter rod brings for this type of fishing.

Christopher Paschmanns: “I’ve been using the Kaizen Green 10ft 4lb rods since August 2023 and love them! A 4lb test curve on a 10ft rod sounds heavy, but I was looking for rods that can easily deal with reeling in heavy leads on braided line from long distances; that can compete with a big catfish, if I hook one by accident; and can handle big lumps of weed on the line when I have a big carp on.

“Initially, I was only using the 10ft Greens when rowing out my rigs and playing fish from a boat. Simply because a shorter rod is particularly handy from a boat. But later in the season I started fishing for a target fish in a hook and hold situation - just flicking out my rigs with an underarm cast towards some sunken trees. Also in this situation they performed very well and landed me that one special carp safely.”

12ft 3lb

The lightest of the 12ft models in the Kaizen Green range, this is perfect if you are mainly fishing on smaller lakes and need a rod that gives you plenty of feel and is responsive when flicking smaller leads accurately to spots, but will also chuck a fairway if you need it to. Danny Fairbrass: “This rod is great if you’re fishing reasonably small waters and casting up to around 100 yards, using smaller leads.”

12ft 3.5lb

This is the real all-rounder amongst the 12ft models, as it is capable of putting a lead a long way when needed, whilst also still being soft enough to fish under your rod tip if you need to.

Darrell Peck: “The Kaizen Green range represents incredible quality but at an almost unimaginable price point. I’ve been fortunate enough to own a set of pre-production 12ft 3.5lb Greens since the summer of 2023 and have used them almost exclusively ever since. “I’ve been impressed by how light, yet responsive, they are, and the matt finish and minimalist styling just oozes class. This is the perfect general purpose rod, well suited to fishing and playing carp in the edge, and effortlessly capable of casting 4oz leads in excess of 100 yards.”

12ft 4lb

This is heaviest test curve in a 12ft version and is ideal for those who are consistently fishing at longer ranges, and need to know that they can do so comfortably and accurately whatever the weather conditions.

Danny Fairbrass: “These are a bit of an animal! If you’re fishing at long range most of the time, at 80 to 130/140 yards, then this is the rod for that.”

12ft 6in 4lb

A longer rod will get you more distance, with practice, but plenty of people aren’t as comfortable with a 13ft rod, and this 12ft 6in. option is a great alternative. It’s been designed for longer range casting, but is also forgiving enough under the rod tip that you don’t have to fear hook pulls.

Danny Fairbrass: “These are a brilliant step up from a 12ft rod rather than having to go to a 13-footer, if you want to achieve longer range casting but the 13ft feels a bit too cumbersome in your hands.

“That extra six inches creates more distance but they still feel like you’re using a 12ft rod and still play fish beautifully as well. Everyone who has picked one of these up has loved them, so if you want an all-rounder that would fish from under your feet out to 140 yards, then that is the one I’d recommend.”

13ft 4lb

This is the most powerful model in the whole range and is suited to regularly fishing at long range, where it will deliver accurate and consistent performance. Terry Edmonds: “Due to my casting tuitions and the angling situations I fish in, I have used the 13ft 4lb model the most.

“On my casting tuitions this rod has been used many times, with casts in excess of 200 yards. Clients have got on really well with the rod as it’s not overly stiff to bend, but still transfer’s energy well at the end of the cast. In fact, it has cast as far, sometimes even further, than rods costing a lot more.

“I’m really happy with this blank, and it performs way above its price point.”

12ft Spod Rod

Out of the two models of Kaizen Green Spod rods, this is the lighter of the two but is still extremely powerful and capable of putting a loaded Spomb a very long way, and without breaking the bank to do so.

Danny Fairbrass: “There’s a 12ft spod rod to go with the range, which is stepped up and has the same fast taper, but is very light for a spod rod, and if you don’t want to spend Kaizen Platinum money on a spod rod, then this is a great option.”

13ft Spod Rod

For out and out distance, this is definitely the spod rod to choose and you won’t believe how well it performs for the price, when it comes to hurling large Spombs towards the horizon and hitting the same spot consistently and accurately.

Danny Fairbrass: “The 13ft spod rod is a proper beast. Terry Edmonds has been helping us with the development of all of the Green range, and he has been using this spod rod and casting over 200 yards with it easily. Out on the field with a bare lead it is going absolutely miles and will do 200 yards with a Spomb as well! It’s a mega rod, very, very powerful, and in the right hands it is going to send a Spomb an extremely long way.”

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