Shakespeare Superteam FRX Feeder 3500

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Lightweight and compact the Superteam FR + FRX Feeder reels come in two sizes - 3500 + 4500. Perfect for all short, medium and long range work. With oversized spools and double line clips, casting to multiple lines and fast retrieval is effortless. Join the SUPERTEAM now!

Long Cast Spool Design
Balanced rotor design for optimum line lay
5+1 Ball Bearings
Aluminium Spool
Spare Aluminium Spool (FRX only)
Aluminium Handle
Laser engraved design
5.2:1 Gear Ratio
Double mono/braid friendly line clips

Reel Size - 3500
Drag Type - Front Drag
Gear Ratio - 5.2:1
Bearing Count - 6
Mono Capacity yd/lb - 205/4 130/6 90/10
Mono Capacity m/mm - 190/0.20 120/0.25 85/0.30
Reel Handle Position - Right/Left
Anti-Reverse Feature - Instant Anti-Reverse
Pre-Spooled yd/lb - Not Pre-Spooled
Retrieve Rate - 75cm
Reel Spool Material - Aluminium
Spare Spool Material - Aluminium
Braid Capacity yd/lb - 135/8
Braid Capacity m/mm - 125/0.20