Seadra Spitta

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Length 110mm - Weight 12.6gm
Length 125mm - Weight 17.8gm
Floating surface lure
Vented head for added water dispersion
Horizontal resting position
Free running onboard cast bearing
Hard glazed exterior finish
Aggressive strike eye
Vulnerable distressed action
Equipped with 3 x Owner trebles

Developed for the UK saltwater market, the Seadra Spitta has been designed with a view to triggering aggressive strikes from bass and other species roaming on and just below the surface. Fished correctly, the lure emulates the distress of an injured baid fish, causing maximum disturbance and drawing attention to itself. Many anglers now realise the potential of portraying a wounded fish and allowing the predatory aggression found within Mother Nature to do the rest.
The Seadra Spitta should play an important part in any lure enthusiasts artillery.