Outdoor Tech Calamari Ultra - Black Mossy Oak

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The Calamari Ultra is the greatest 3-in-1 USB charging/data transfer cable ever made by Outdoor Tech
A bold statement but it is true. We stepped it up this time and as soon as you get one, you will wonder how you ever survived without having a Calamari Ultra. Ditch those extra cables so you have more room for activities
Apple MFI Certified Lightning Connector - If you use a lighting connector that isnt MFI certified by Apple, you will probably get an error message saying something like, This Cable is Not Certified and May Not Work Reliably. Luckily, we dont have that problem with the Calamari Ultra. So go ahead and one, relax and eliminate error messages from your life
USB Type-C Connector - The future is here, or it is coming, or maybe it already passed you by. Any way you look at it, the USB C connector on the Calamari Ultra will work with all your new devices. USB C is becoming the standard connector for many devices due to the universal pluggability and high data transfer rates
Micro USB Connector - Ahhh, the good ol standby USB connector. If you have a regular thing or even stranger things, then you probably use this connector. Most Android phones, your GoPro, power banks, and at least eleven other devices use a Micro USB connector
You dont need telekinetic powers or flashing Christmas lights to see how useful the Calamari Ultra is
3 connectors in one cable
Apple MFI Certified Lightning connector
USB C connector
Micro USB connector
About 3 feet long
Pretty colours
Can be used for charging devices or data transfer