Nash Rock Salt Soluballs 18mm 1kg

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Rock Salt Soluballs


The carp worlds worst kept secret, everyone knows a little but nobody shares the edge. Well, Nash are proud to give all anglers the opportunity to reap the rewards of this little gem.

Used by some the UKs finest carp anglers, Nash Rock Salt provides a baiting edge like no other. Carp naturally require a mineral found within Rock Salt and simply crave the stuff. Check out Kevins latest DVD The Final Account to see some mind blowing results.

Two VERY important notes to make here guys and girls

Please only use Nash Rock Salt or human grade Rock Salt (edible for humans) and not the types used to clear roads. The road friendly versions are loaded full of harmful chemicals and should not be used for fishing.

Please be considerate when using Rock Salt, as with some other baits (I.e maggots) over doing it can be detrimental to the fishs environment. Use it as an edge, not to turn our freshwater lakes into saltwater lagoons.

Available as Chain Reactions, Soluballs or in natural crystal form theres always an option to cover your situation.

Rock salt Soluballs are a fantastic way of easily feeding Rock Salt into your swim, attracting carp from long distances. Bait by catapult or throwing stick 3 to 6 Soluballs into your swim at regular intervals or after action to keep them on the feed. Use 150 to 200 grams per 24 hour session for best results.

Rock Salt Chain Reaction. Mounting one on your hooklink with your flavoured Chain reaction and matching boilie.

The Rock salt crystals offer a unique baiting edge and by simply adding adding one crystal to you PVA bag or small amounts to a particle mix. Can be applied with a catapult, spod or baiting spoon.