Nash 20mm Fluoro Yellow

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An essential presentation aid on many venues, plastic baits command a huge following where nuisance fish, crayfish or poisson chat bring problems with food baits.

Smaller sizes of Mutant Boilie can be used as individual toppers and sight tips, or combined as cocktails to be presented pop-up style. In larger 15 and 20mm sizes they make excellent, highly durable replacements for pop-ups or twinned with boilies for snowman presentations.

The larger 20mm baits feature a simple but brilliant central recess to allow paste to be plugged inside the bait for taste and smell signal to match the feed in a swim.

Pest Off Bait Locks are easily pulled within the hookbait, thinking carpers on crayfish venues use the recess on 20mm Mutants to completely hide away the hair stop and prevent any chance of it being removed - paste can then be plugged on top.

Mutant Boilies also absorb liquid flavours, food additives, dips and sweeteners into their skin, ensuring maximum attraction no matter how long they are immersed. A huge variety of fluoro and more subdued shades guarantees there is a Mutant Boilie for every situation - the applications are endless.