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Mainline Souper Zig Mix

Mainline Souper Zig Mix

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Basically the Souper Zig Mix is a groundbait-like mix that’s been put together by the guys at Mainline to create an attractive cloud in the upper layers of the water – so it’s ideally suited for using with Zigs.

The mix is very similar to the groundbaits that most anglers will have used for Zig fishing in the past, but with some small differences. For example when I’ve used groundbaits to create a sloopy mix, I’d add a few extra bits, crushed particles that sort of thing, but these are already included in the Souper Zig Mix. You don’t have to add anything, just water from the lake in front of you.

The mix is really easy to make-up. You don’t need to be too precise when adding lake water, just as long as you don’t do it in one go – a little at a time is best. That way you can have the consistency just how you like it. So if you want the mix to hit the water and sink a good few feet as it spreads, say over deep water Zigs or those closer to the deck then add less water for a thicker more dense mix. For a large spread throughout the upper layers use more water and the mix will disperse as soon as it hits the surface - I find you can get the mix quite sloppy and still comfortably cast it with a Spomb. The mix has been designed to create a ‘suspended’ cloud and that’s what it’ll do perfectly – generating masses of attraction for long periods, with little slow sinking particles, flavours and tastes diffusing through the upper layers and water column. One good tip is to take a small handful of your mix and throw it into the edge (not directly in front of your peg, unless you like ducks and swans bumping into your rods) to see how it reacts. Like I’ve said if it sinks a little quicker than you like then add a touch more water.

The guys at Mainline have made this mix so that it is complete and ready to work on its own. So the 4-kilo of mix already incorporates active ingredients, enhancers and feed stimulates, but… that isn’t to say you can’t increase this attraction if you wish. The Particle & Pellet Syrups for example are the perfect partner for the mix – liquid attractants that are denser than water, which will diffuse throughout the water column just like the Zig Mix. I also quite like adding some pellets to the mix as well, and sometimes corn. This can help you match your hookbait to the mix with mini Pineapple Juice pop-ups or yellow foam. The mix can really bring on some competitive feeding within the carp sometimes, so it also helps to have a few extra food items in the mix to help hold the fish.

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