Leeda Polyhead Trout Tapered Leader

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Leeda Polyhead Trout Tapered Leader

Leeda Poly Head Trout Tapered Leaders are an ideal choice when it comes to presentation or indeed offering your fly or flies in a different manner.

The 5 foot ones are a good choice for intimate river or small stillwater fishing situations.
The 10 foot ones are a good choice for large river or stillwater fishing situations.

Quick and easy loop to loop attachment

Tapered for easy casting
Looped at either end
Available from floating to fast sink
Dia - 0.35mm
For use with tippet from 4lb - 12lb (2.73kg - 5.45kg) and between 5ft - 15ft in length.

Floating - White
Intermadiate - Blue - Sinks 1.5" per second
Slow Sink - Green - Sinks 2.5" per second
Fast Sink - Black - Sinks 5" per second