Led Lenser H14R.2

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LED Lenser

The rechargeable LED LENSER H14R has, until now, been the brightest headlamp our H series had to o er . This new version increases the brightness from 220 (H14R) to up to 850 Lumen. In this way, the new LED LENSER H14R.2 delivers an exceptional lighting performance that satisfi es the requirements of expeditions, aid rescuers and is more than su cient for ambitious hiking needs. The following features add to the convincing concept of the lamp: The ergonomic shape of the lamp, the easy handling of the new switch, and the possibility to add an additional rechargeable battery via an USB port. Thanks to this option, you can add rechargeable batteries to extend the lighting duration of the LED LENSER H14R.2 almost indefi nitely. The multiple function "wheel switch" on the battery compartment can also be switched as a rear light or can be used to show the battery capacity.



Designation: Xtreme Power LED
LED-Configuration: 1 x Xtreme Power LED x
Luminous flux: 850 lm
Luminous range: 300 m
Luminous period: 40 h

Technical details:

Energy tank: 16.3 Wh

Size & Weight:

Head diameter: 37 mm
Weight (w/o packing): 340 g


1. Morse / Tactical Task
This function enables you to send individual signal sequences.

2. Boost
If the switch is pushed only once, the lamp for a short time shines brighter than it does when in continuous operation mode.

3. Power
High light output for any situation.

4. Low Power
Light output is dimmed down to approx. 15 %, which also makes for a considerably extended burning life.

5. Dim
Stageless adjustment between 15 % and
100 % enables you to choose the desired
light intensity.

6. Blink
Light pulses are emitted automatically in regular intervals. This function enables you to signal your position, for example.

7. S.O.S.
In case of an emergency, the lamp's SOS function can call help to your side. The signal is visible for several kilometers, which increases the chance of being rescued.

8. Defence Strobe
Personal safety was the basic idea behind this function. High-frequency light flashes (Strobes) are a quick and effective method of self-defence. In the field of non-lethal weapons, even the US army banks on this technology.

Advanced Focus System (AFS):

Reconciled lens and reflector, Galilei and Newton, and make use of the advantages of both systems. The development of the reflector-lens, i.e. a combination of reflector and lens ( AFS), enables us to "tailor-make" light with an efficiency that amazes even experts. The Advanced Focus System allows for stageless transition from homogeneous, circular low beam to sharply focused long-distance beam.

Speed Focus:

Speed Focus, the one-hand slide focusing mechanism, is fast, reliable and vastly superior to conventional swivel mechanisms.

Adjust the light cone quickly and comfortably with only one hand!