JRC Cocoon MOD 3 Rod Sleeve System 12ft

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Cocoon MOD 3 Rod Sleeve System


The Cocoon MOD (short for Modular) Rod Sleeve system offers a revolutionary, versatile rod management solution that is lighter, more compact and offers greater protection and adaptibility than any other rod sleeve system on the market. It enables the modern carper to transport the exact amount of rods needed in any up or down configuration. The system comes complete with a dedicated side pocket offering storage for your net, weigh sling, banksticks and has a handy lead pocket. This sytem is also compatible with virtually any shelter system on the market, simply secure your shelter or bivvy between the side pouch and rod sleeves with everything locked in by the modular strap system.

- Constists of 3 Cocoon MOD sleeves and a 3-4 rod side pocket
- Detachable shoulder carry strap
- Fits all big pit reels
- Clever MOD connection system
- Fully lined and padded
- Neoprene padded carry handle
- Full length anti-snag zips on back of sleeve
- Made out of durable JX73 material that is dirt and water repellent


Color: Green
Length: 12.00
Width: 8.00
Height: 15.00
Weight: 2.43
Size: 3