Gardner Carp Duvet Plus

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The latest Carp Duvet Plus sleeping bag incorporates two key changes that have been rolled out after we took notice of customer feedback on the original bag.
The main change is the adjustment to the sleeping bags dimensions; reducing the length by over 30cm and widening by 5cm to ‘compensate’ for that reduction. This means that the bag better matches the length of most bed chairs, fitting far more snugly on standard and wide style beds.

We have also redesigned the carry bag so customers that choose to pack the bag away (instead of leaving them folded in the bedchair), can do so much easier than with the previous version.

Apart from that, the Carp Duvet Plus is still an absolutely awesome, extra large, multi-layered DPM sleeping bag, that’s perfect for year round use. The breathable DPM shell is water repellent and made with a hard wearing, soft touch classic camouflage pattern material. The top, removable middle and bottom layers of this sleeping bag each incorporate a double layer of Hollofil fibre filling, which offers excellent thermal insulation and comfort.

With the inner sheet removed (or attached to the bottom leaf so you sleep on it), the outer shell is a perfectly big and comfy ‘4-Season’ bag on its own. If you also utilise the inner thermal sheet, by pegging it onto the top portion of the sleeping bag, the Carp Duvet Plus is made ‘5-Season’, offering a high level of comfort.

All inner surfaces are lined using super smooth 190D rip stop Taffeta, allowing comfortable, uninhibited free movement without the bag constricting or following you about. The Carp Duvet Plus features full shoulder and zip baffles, plus draw cord on hood which all helps to eliminate draughts and keep you warm and cosy whilst you’re out on the bank.

The shell features two Velcro fastened ‘stash pockets’ for safe storage of phones and wallets. Pocket size: 17cm long x 9cm wide.
The Carp Duvet is secured to the bed chairs via retaining flaps at the head and foot end, and the design also includes an integral (adjustable) strap to keep the middle section of the bag securely in position.
The Carp Duvet Plus also features a high quality crash zip for easy and unhindered exit so you can get to your rods straight away.
High quality, twin hole Hollofil fibre filling.
3/4 length zips help to keep draughts away from your feet.
The Carp Duvet Plus is BIG! VERY BIG, with external dimensions = 105cm x 235cm (including hood).
The Carp Duvet Plus is now supplied with compression style carry bag.
Packed size = L 58cm, Dia 40cm, weight 5.5kg
As a precaution always leave several inches of slack in the central retaining strap – as over tightening could damage seams during use and may cause the zips to jam.

This beast of a bag is not suitable for small/compact bed chairs.