Frenzee Puller Bead

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The Puller bead from Frenzee is a tensioner bead that works in conjunction with any top kit fitted with a side entry elastic device.

The 3 different sizes of Puller Bead have been designed to accommodate ranging elastic diameters from the thinnest/lightest of Hollows through to the thickest/heaviest Hollow.

The soft rubber bread has been moulded with a gradual tapered bore that actually grips the wall of the elastic. This allows the bead to run freely along a stretched elastic yet hold firm position on relaxed elastic.

Pull more elastic from the side of your pole and tension it with the Puller Bead. Perfect when you need to up the tension without the hassle of chopping back your elastic.

3 sizes available match perfectly to the size of elastic:

- Small – elastic up to 1.8mm - Yellow
- Medium – elastic up to 2.4mm - Green
- Large – elastic up to 3mm – Blue

Simple to fit – using a gate latch baiting needle, thread the bead onto the needle. Place the elastic into the gate and close the latch then simply pull the bead off the needle threading it up onto the elastic.

- Easy to use
- Easy to fit
- Safe tensioning
- Will allow elastic travel when under excess tension
- Easy Grip Stripping Bead