Fox Rage Water Taxi Floating 5cm

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Fox Rage
Water Taxi Floating


An unusual name for an unusual wobbler! Following on the remarkable success of our 'Hitcher' and 'Slick Stick' series of wobblers, with anglers and predators alike, the success story continues. You can now enjoy a real topwater lure!

Asp, perch, pike and all other predators that like hunting on the surface, are the target of the 'Water Taxi'. How you get them interested depends on how you fish the lure. The 9.5cm long, floating hybrid lure will follow a zigzag course in the surface if desired, moving like a typical Walker over vegetation and obstacles.

When making sharper pulls from the wrist it will make plops like a popper. The lure flies like a rocket during casting due to the built in metal balls in the belly.