Dynamite Hit N Run

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Rob Hughes’ Hit N Run Pop-Ups
An exciting range of hi-attract, carp fishing pop-ups and a wafter with unique flavours and essential oils. Designed in conjunction with Rob Hughes, utilising years of experience and his underwater studies.
The hookbaits come in four colours – Pink, White, Yellow and Red, all selected by Rob himself. Each colour is designed to suit various lake/river bed conditions from clay and silt to gravel and weed. The colour wheel is designed to help you select the right colour pop-up according to the lake bed where you are fishing. Each pot is labelled with the ideal conditions for its use, e.g gravel or weedy swims.

Each hookbait has its own highly attractive, unique flavour containing essential oils.

There are two sizes of pop-ups for each of the Pink, Yellow and White hookbaits along with a red colour wafter:

White: 12mm, 15mm = Deep water & silt
Pink: 12mm, 15mm = Clear water or weed
Yellow: 12mm, 15mm = Clear water or gravel
Red: 14mm Wafter = Cloudy water or clay

Each pot includes an essential oil booster bottle inside the pot