Carp Company Liquid Additives

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Carp Company Liquid Additives
Available in a variety of options, each sold separately:

Aminol Plus
This is a modern version of our all-time classic, itia an awesome liquid fish protein extract that is high in Omega 3 fatty acids and high quality marine proteins. Use as an additive to any boilie mix, stick mix or as a glug.

Anchovy Plus
Anchovy Plus is a thick brown horrible looking liquid with a very strong fishy taste. It is made from pure anchovies and carp love it. We recommend 5-10ml per 5-egg mix. Used as a hookbait glug in conjunction with The Aminol it can’t be beaten. It
can also be used neat in a PVA bag.

This highly regarded product contains a whole range of Amino Acids, Vitamins & Minerals as well as a high percentage of Sugar. The Balance must be perfect for the carp, considering the amazing amount of fish that have been caught when using
Minamino over the years. A superb additive in any bait.It is also an excellent bait soak and is really worth using as an additive in groundbaits.

Corn Steep Liquor
What can we say about this one that has not already been said. CSL is a highly regarded additive in any base mix and is also an excellent ground bait additive. We strongly advise its use in the Seed of the Weed, brilliant.

Tiger Nut Extract
This super sweet and sticky extract is a must in any base mix, particle mix, ground bait mix or in with your pellets. The carp just love it!