Berkley Trilene XL

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- Superior Mangeability. Resists twists and kinks. Superior Castability.
- Super Strong. Fish with confidence and control.
- Versatile. Outstanding for a wide variety of baits and techniques.
- Excellent Sensitivity. Good feel for structure and strikes.


4lb 1.8kg 0.20mmm 330yds
6lb 2.7kg 0.23mm 330yds
8lb 3.6kg 0.25mmm 330yds
10lb 4.5kg 0.28mmm 330yds
12lb 5.4kg 0.33mmm 300yds
14lb 6.4kg 0.36mmm 330yds
17lb 7.7kg 0.38mmm 330yds
20lb 9.1kg 0.41mmm 330yds
25lb 11.3kg 0.46mmm 330yds
30lb 13.6kg 0.51mmm 330yds