Berkley Gulp Sand Eel 5in Sapphire Shine

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Gulp Sand Eel

5in / Sapphire Shine

What is special about Gulp! sand eel? Firstly it catches fish, it's convenient and it stays on the hook. It looks like a sand eel, it feels like a sand eel, but it's special texture means it does not disintegrate. The fish bite and do not let go, they try to eat it, unlike plastic that they quickly spit out. Massive scent dispersal.

One of the most deadliest baits for sea bass and pollock. Gulp! sand eel's will catch anything that swims!! Rig on a leadhead or a lure and work as you would a normal lure, the benefit from this is that the infused Gulp! formula disperses throughout the water attracting predators!