Jarvis Walker Knife Sharpening Stone

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Here are directions for how to sharpen a knife using a sharpening stone. This Jarvis Walker Tec Tools Knife Sharpening Stone has a proven combination of stone materials that deliver a smooth sharp edge when sharpening your fishing knives, fillet knives, bait knives, hunting knives and even kitchen knives. This Knife Sharpening Stone has a different grade stone on each side. The medium-grit coarser surface makes it easy to reshape and set your knife’s edge, then you use the other side’s fine grit surface to smooth out that edge to a razor-sharp finish.

This Jarvis Walker Knife Sharpening Stone does not require any oil or sharpening or polishing liquids. Use it dry; simply secure the stone with the coarser side facing up, then, with the blade direction perpendicular to the stone length, starting at the heel of the blade (closest to the handle), keep a low knife angle (as though you are filleting a fine layer from the top of the stone) and then, with mild pressure, simply push the blade edge face first across and down the length of the sharpening stone, timing it so that the knife tip is crossing at the other end of the sharpening stone length. Then turn the knife blade over and do the same thing in the reverse direction, so that you are sharpening both sides of the knife edge. How many times you need to do this will vary depending on the knife condition and your technique, but typically around five passes per side should be enough to set the knife edge.

To smooth and finish the knife edge to improve sharpness and cutting performance, turn the Jarvis Walker Knife Sharpening Stone over to use the fine grit side. Using the same motion as above, again starting at the heel, work the knife at the same angle to smooth out the cutting edge. You shouldn’t need to do as many passes for this fine-grit stage, so check the knife edge after three passes each side and only if necessary do a couple more to finish the edge. All done!

This Jarvis Walker Tec Tools Knife Sharpening Stone is a great value sharpening tool for any knife in the boat, tackle box, man cave or kitchen. The design is simple to use, long lasting and delivers a great working edge to any knife. It will suit anyone who enjoys fishing, boating, camping, hunting, outdoors or cooking at home.

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